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National Consultant to support the State Civil Aviation Administration on the implementation of the EU-acquis on air transport, according to Common Aviation Area Agreement EU-RM

Project name:  Transitional Capacity Support for the Public Administration of Moldova
Period of assignment/services:  12 months


Transitional Capacity Support project was designed upon the request of the Government of Moldova to enhance the capacities of the Moldovan ministries and other national level institutions in order to accelerate the reform processes in the context of Moldova’s EU integration agenda, as described in the Governmental Programme „European Integration: Freedom, Democracy, Welfare”, and other country’s strategic documents as is the „National Development Strategy” and, in the future period „Moldova 2020”. The project seeks to address urgent short-term capacity needs of the public administration at a time when Moldovan central government institutions face serious gaps in terms of capabilities, financial and human resources, while important processes, prompted by the negotiation of the new Association Agreement with the EU and other on-going reforms, require strong and prompt inputs on behalf of Moldovan administration.

One way to achieve TCS objectives lies in the hiring of national short or medium-term consultants, to support the implementation of some specific reform tasks. The Moldovan diaspora and the local non-governmental sector, including the private and civil society sectors, are seen as the main source for such consultants.

Transport in general, and aviation in particular is a key factor in promoting productive co-operation between countries. Air transport is an industry of strategic importance and all governments are keen to ensure both that levels of air service are preserved and that their national industry is as healthy as possible. Moldovan Government has officially declared its willingness to liberalize the air transport market between the Republic of Moldova and the European Union member states, through promoting free competition between the economic agents providing air transport services, so as to ensure consumers have a choice, and good quality of services and security of transport.

As a result, the Moldovan Government and the European Union have signed the Common Aviation Area Agreement (CAAA) on 26 of October 2011, which aims to achieve the above mentioned objectives. The CAAA (Annex III “Rules applicable to civil aviation”) contains large set of EU regulations to be transposed in the national Moldovan legislation. In particular the regulations are related to market access, air traffic management, aviation safety and security, environment, social aspects and consumer protection. Transposing the EU – acquis in the area of aviation will integrate Moldova more strongly into the European transportation networks and thus will contribute to the European Integration process.   

Tasks and Responsibilities

The scope of the work of the National Consultant is to provide assistance to upgrade and strengthen the capacities of the State Civil Aviation Administration in the gradual implementation of the Annex III of the CAAA by harmonisation of the national legal basis with EU regulations in air transport area. 

In order to achieve the stated objectives, the National Consultant will have the following responsibilities:

  • Analyze of the current situation in legislative and regulatory framework, as well as recommendations and actual legal drafting relevant for the future implementation of EU-acquis in air transport area;
  • Examine the EU-RM CAAA by highlighting the steps to be made in order to implement the regulatory issues contained in its Annex III;
  • Assess the level of regulatory impact of each document contained in Annex III of the EU-RM CAAA and propose solutions to its transposition into Moldovan law;
  • Participate together with the State Civil Aviation Administration in the process of drafting national document based on the Annex III of the EU-RM CAAA;
  • Represent State Civil Aviation Administration in relation with other relevant Public Authorities and institutions on issues referring to the implementation of the Annex III of the EU-RM CAAA ;
  • Prepare monthly progress reports of the component activities;
  • Assist in the coordination and approval processes of the new documents;
  • Perform any other related activities which may emerge during the course of time, in close coordination with the State Civil Aviation Administration.

Qualifications and Skills required

  • Graduate studies in Law ( Master degree will be considered as an advantage);
  • Relevant professional experience, ex. with the Government institutions, legal drafting, air transport issues, specialised trainings in international aviation Law;  
  • Good knowledge of aspects related to European policies in air transport and European Aviation legal framework; 
  • Good understanding of national aviation system both institutionally and legal background;
  • Ability to work independently, deep analysis and planning abilities, sense of time-management and good communication skills;
  • Project management skills will be considered an advantage;
  • Responsibility, creativity, flexibility;
  • Proficiency in Romanian, Russian and English, excellent drafting and presentation skills;
  • Computer proficiency, including knowledge of MS Office products (Word, Excel, Power Point).

Application Instructions

Please see the full application procedure by following the link: