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Cultural dialog

Moldova’s relations with Greece are based on century-old cultural ties between the two nations and they are marked by a spirit of cooperation, friendship, and mutual trust. It is upon these basic tenets that the close cooperation between the two countries and peoples has developed over the years. 

There is great interest in Moldova to study the Greek language and culture. Greek-language teaching is offered by three Moldovan higher education institutes. A Greek Language and Culture Department has been operating under the Classical Philology Chair of the State University of Moldova in Chisinau since 1998. Greek language courses are also offered at a general education school and as part of courses organized by the Greek Community. Study material and scholarships are offered by Greek universities and institutes.

The Association for Greek culture “Eleftheria” and the Union of Young People of Greek Origin “Parthenon” have been active in Moldova.

The First Deputy Speaker of the Parliament, Mr. G. Sourlas, carried out a private visit to Moldova on 24-25.6.2006, where he took part in a scientific conference held under the auspices of the Moldovan Presidency and the Academy of Sciences of Moldova entitled: “Ypsilantis-Filippides: leaders in Moldovan and Greek history. During his two-day stay, he took part in the twinning ceremony between the cities Balti and Milies, and in the inauguration of the commemorative stone for Daniel Filippidis at the entrance of the Holy Church of Saint Nikolaos.

On 14/10/2006, during the visit to Athens of Moldova’s Education Minister, a Memorandum of Cooperation on Youth issues was signed between the Ministry of Education and Secretariat General for Youth.

The Agreement on Cultural, Educational and Scientific Cooperation, which was signed on 12/06/2007 during the abovementioned visit of Moldova’s President, is expected to give impetus to bilateral educational and cultural relations.

Associate professor, Ph.D.

The book written by Vlad Mischevca (read Miskewka), Doctor of History (Associate professor, Ph.D.) is a result of many years of the history studies of international relations in South-Eastern Europe in the late 18th – early 19th centuries. The present publication (translated in Greek language) is the first ever attempt to present a biographical "portrait" of a personality as outstanding as Prince Constantine Ypsilantis.

The book tackles certain aspects of the problem of Phanariote Greek's history and the role for Moldovan-Greek relations, especially in the history of Moldova and Wallachia, as well as their contribution to the Greek national revival in the late 18th – early 19th centuries.

The author confined himself to only basic nuances of these rather complicated problems which are related to the position occupied and the role played by C. Ypsilantis in the Eastern question that was frequently on the agenda of the great powers during the period of research.