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The Bucharest CEI Summit of the Heads of Government sent a clear message on the Republic of Moldova’s support

The Heads of Government of the CEI Member States gathered last week in Bucharest have sent a clear message regarding the support of the Republic of Moldova’s authorities in their efforts on the state democratization and advancement in the European Integration process. Thus, the Summit Final Document stipulates the following:

“The Heads of Government expressed their support for the launching of a dialogue on visa liberalisation between the Republic of Moldova and the EU. In this context, they advocated support from the European Commission and the EU Members States.

The Heads of Government acknowledged the peaceful transfer of power in the Republic of Moldova as a democratic exercise and welcomed the beginning of the negotiations on a new cooperation agreement between the Republic of Moldova and the EU, which will replace and will go beyond the current Partnership and Cooperation Agreement. At the same time, they underlined the need to launch as soon as possible the negotiations leading to the establishment of a deep and comprehensive free trade area in the framework of the new Agreement between the Republic of Moldova and the EU”.

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