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Greece joined the the EU Visa Center in Chisinau, working under the auspices of the Hungarian Embassy

The Moldovan citizens will be able to get visas for Greece at the EU Common Visa Application Center housed by the Hungarian Embassy in Chisinau from 1 January 2010.

Until now some 5-6 thousand Moldovans a year had to go to Odessa (Ukraine) to open a Greek visa. According to the Hungarian Ambassador if visas come to be issued in Chisinau, the number of travelers to Greece will increase considerably, particularly in the summertime.

In January-August 2009, the Center had issued over 5 thousand visas – 10% fewer than in 2008. The largest number of visas were issued to Hungary (37%), followed by Austria (25%), Latvia (11%), Slovenia (9%), Sweden (8.5%), Estonia 5.6%), Denmark (4%). Thirty-seven percent of the total amount were multiple visas enabling many journeys. The share of refusals was about 13%.

The EU Visa Center has been working in Chisinau since 25 April 2007 and was the first of this kind of project in Europe. The Center now issues visas for Denmark, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Luxembourg, Sweden, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Hungary, Iceland, Greece and Netherlands.


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