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Republic of Moldova and Romania opened new checkpoint

A new checkpoint between the Republic of Moldova and Romania was opened on 15 February. The inaugural ceremony was attended by Chisinau and Bucharest officials.

During the first week of its opening Lipcani-Radauti bridge became the most popular border crossing point in northern Moldova. More than 3,000 persons and over 1,000 units of transport crossed the bridge over the river Prut.

The given point now works from 8 A.M. to 8 P.M., but the traffic through it is much larger that at other border crossing points working round-the-clock.

The opening of the border crossing point Lipcani-Radauti had been delayed for several years owing to the infrastructure works. The Radauti Prut-Lipcani checkpoint was also a priority for the European Union that gave funds to build a bridge over the river Prut that forms the border between the two states.

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