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Registration of Marriage in Moldova

Registration of marriage in Moldova is taken place at Registrar Offices on the basis of the joint statement of the future spouse. In order to register marriage in the Republic of Moldova, foreign citizen have to produce evidence of his name, age, marital status and nationality.

In order to conceive a marriage with a Moldovan citizen on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, the foreign citizen is required to submit the following documents:

The impossibility of issuance of the mentioned document type shall be officially confirmed by the central authority of the respective state, responsible for the evidence and documentation of citizens and/or registration of marriages.

Starting from March 2007 it is no necessary to legalize foreign documents, but only get an Apostille stamp at the competent authority in your country.

NOTE: Most of the notaries in Chisinau and Moldova have a list of licensed translators who done official translation. Make sure you have your registration with the police before visiting the notary.