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Wine city to sell land plots

The Wine City state enterprise does not lose hope to sell 30 land plats. They will be again offered for sale at an auction on July 9.

Enterprise Director Ilia Carabetschi told "We hope that there will be purchasers for all the land plots. Until the present we have succeeded in selling eight land plots, where construction works will begin in the near time", he said.

The price on land plots, covering from 0.078-0.26 hectares, has not changed and wavers from 0.7 to 2 million lei.

"The land plots belong to the state that is why we cannot reduce their prices. The Government must decide, if it is ready to reduce prices", he remarked.

The Director said that the general plan of the Wine City has been completed.

The project for the construction of the Wine City was initiated in 2005. That time 15 hectares of land near the National Institute of Vine and Wine were allocated for its construction. The tender on selecting the Architect was also conducted and it was planned to put the City into operation by the Wine Feast in 2006.

It is envisaged that it will be not only an exhibition, business and entertainment center, it must become a strategic item for attracting tourists, as it is included into the national Tourist Development program.

It was decided to build the vine and wine center on the basis of Architect Victor Vieru's project. Its construction is valued at USD30 million, which is planned to raise by selling land plots. It is planned to build 30 winemakers' mansions, as well as restaurants, souvenir shops, hotels. The Wine City will bring USD9-12 million of profits a year.

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